The concept


About the hotel

A showcase for design and art

The Ultima Gstaad was designed and created as a work of art, in which each object and decorative item has a place and contributes to the overall aesthetic appearance.

The resulting interior combines traditional and modern influences: ancestral craftsmanship is revisited with resolutely contemporary compositions.

A unique, perfectly harmonious and finely balanced result.

Soft fabrics

Unparalleled beauty

Master Craftmen

The Baccarat crystal chandelier that hangs majestically in the lobby to welcome guests, the Schimmel grand piano, entierly customized by the renowned artist Alec Monopoly, the all-glass lift…

The Ultima Gstaad gives pride of place to master craftsmen, known throughout the world for the unparalleled beauty and technicity of their creations. The same standards apply for the furniture designed exclusively for the hotel.

Beauty is everywhere: majestic and pure lines, extremely soft and deep fabrics, precious skins, and much more.


Elegant curves

Stunning interiors

Stunning Interiors

A generous interior design, textured fabrics, elegant curves, harmonious warm colours, plays of light between mirrors and indirect lighting.

The overall effect is stunningly refined. Stylised contemporary photographs create a common thread, resonating with the hotel’s refinement throughout. Sensitivity and subtlety.

The stunning interiors of the Ultima Gstaad.