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Aesthetics Clinic ®,
Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine in Ultima Gstaad 


The best of aesthetic and anti-aging medicine is in Gstaad ! Ultima Gstaad collaborates with Aesthetics Clinic® to offer tailor-made treatments of aesthetic medicine. Created in 2009 by Doctor Xavier Tenorio, Aesthetics Clinic® has always used the best technologies with the utmost care in order to safely treat their clients. As you are staying in Ultima Gstaad, take some time to discover the Aesthetics Clinic® exceptional treatments. You will feel serene in the relaxing and modern ambiance of one of our five cabins of treatment and consultation. Aesthetics Clinic® uses high level technologic equipments for exceptional treatments. We offer various treatments such as detox, revitalisation, check up, botox, laser, cryolipolise, Platelet Rich Plaquettes (PRP), DNA test, radio frequency, cavitation, IPL…

Made-to-measure treatments

The botox treatment reduces considerably your wrinkles. Your skin is tightened and looks fresh and young. Botox is particularily efficient against forehead and eyelid wrinkles.

Injection of PRP gives a new youth to your skin. This classic aesthetic treatment is a real radiance boost to your face. Not only does it boost your skin, but it will also prevent hair loss, scars, stretch marks and tired eyes.

Is fatigue, stress, rich diet, pollution getting to you? Enjoy your stay in Ultima Gstaad for a detox cure and a tailor-made treatment based on vitamins and antioxidants. Take time for you and your organisms after your detox treatment to appreciate the revitalisation phase.


Innovative technologies

New treatments, such as cavitation, reduces considerably cellulite as well as localised fat (adipocytes) thanks to new technologies like ultrasounds combined with radiofrequency.

In order to avoid liposuction, try the cryolipolyse, which is a new medical treatment against localised fat. Phototherapy skin using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) will remove liver spots due to sun exposure or aging. Your skin will look stronger.


A team of expert

Our medical experts, a team including two doctors and two nurses will answer all your questions to give a tailor-made treatment and meet your expectations. Aesthetics Clinic® medical savoir-faire offers a personalised solution for any aesthetic concern you may have.

Open 7/7, Aesthetics Clinic® and their team of specialists of 10 years-expertise will welcome you in Ultima Gstaad. For more information, kindly visit the Aesthetics Clinic® website:


The clinic is open from 10am to 6pm, 7/7

Phone number : +41 33 748 34 37

Email : info@aesthetics-ge.ch