The luxury has its own hotel in Gstaad


The Gourmet Kingdom


Ultra-Chic and gourmet relaxation

The Duchessa boasts modernity, elegance and warmth. The setting itself is an invitation to embark on a gourmet culinary voyage.

The atmosphere is as refined as it is festive , with designer furniture, from the seats to the tables and the light fittings, fine dinnerware, perfect comfort, music, and more. Whether for a quiet dinner or a convivial meal, you will enjoy listening to music or a live performance, and maybe even give in to the temptation of a turn on the dance floor. More than a dinner, we offer a warm and welcoming setting for a delicious moment.

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Italian gastronomy in the spotlight

The Duchessa is a promise; a promise of the aromas, colours and flavours of Italian gastronomy. Extremely fresh and high quality ingredients are prepared according to delicious recipes. Lively, authentic and refined cuisine for moments of gourmet conviviality, all with the consummate style of the Ultima Gstaad.

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Our watchword: ingredients

Their names light up the imagination. Reading the menu alone is the promise of a delectable moment. Di bufala and braided mozzarella, Alba white truffles, pesto, ricotta, authentic Parma ham, dried meat, plain or pistachio mortadella, coppa di Parma, extra virgin olive oil, and more.

A festival of colours and flavours, the menu changes with the seasons, in harmony with nature.

The spirit of the Duchessa is authentic, honest cuisine; quality ingredients that are beautifully prepared to create an exquisitely refined result.


An exceptional wine cellar

Custom-made bronze and glass cabinets house exceptional vintages – a sight to behold! A beautiful display for our fantastic collection, including wines from Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne. Admire and taste them when you dine at the Duchessa Restaurant. Our experts are available to advise you on ideal wine and food pairings. A delight for the taste buds!