Ultima Bars

The luxury has its own hotel in Gstaad

Lobby Bar

In the style of a rotunda and featuring padded ivory leather upholstery, the Lobby Bar embodies the elegance and art of living of the Ultima Gstaad.

Around the bar are comfortable bar stools, also upholstered in leather, with small tables and armchairs, dotted here and there.

The Lobby Bar is where people like to meet up: for a cocktail before dinner in its relaxed and stylish atmosphere for a cool or hot drink in the afternoon after a wonderful day out, depending on the season. Comfortable seating, cocktails, liqueurs, a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The all-glass Schimmel piano invites guests to tinkle on its ivories. A delight for music lovers!


Shisha Bar

Your dinner at the Duchessa has come to an end… a pure moment of pleasure! Make the moment last a little longer at the shisha Bar. The cosy and private interior is in an Oriental style reminiscent of the tents of Dubai, as warm as they are comfortable. The colour scheme is a subtle marriage of deep reds, violet and orange; the wood and leather are elegant and warm. Sit back and relax in the delightfully soft armchairs and sofas. For those with a taste for cigars or hookahs, a plush smoking area is provided. An invitation to travel to distant lands.

Specially For You

Detox Bar

On the menu of the Detox Bar you will find detox juices made with organic fruits and vegetables. Ideal for prolonging the benefits of a treatment or exercise session in our gym. Well-being at the Ultima Spa is a way of life!