Duchessa, a restaurant with honest cooking

At the Ultima Gstaad boutique hotel, the restaurant Duchessa provides you with the opportunity to try dishes which expertly blend tradition, modernity and elegance. Our chef excels in the art of combining ingredients effortlessly.

His tasty and balanced meals will awaken your taste buds, with honest cooking that combines tradition, innovation and creativity. Italian cuisine is the main feature of his dishes, with fresh and carefully selected products. His ingeniousness allows him to transform simple ingredients into an exquisite dish. His cooking is authentic, sophisticated and gourmet, and the colourful presentation of his dishes contributes towards a journey through the senses.

The restaurant Duchessa unlocks the secrets of a rich culinary universe with surprising flavours. Let us guide you on a truly gourmet adventure to discover delicious Italian flavours. The restaurant Duchessa is full of surprises…