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Yazid Ichemrahen

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"Sharing love is the only way to create exceptional cakes." - Yazid Ichemrahen


Originally from the Marne (FRANCE), Yazid Ichemrahen has traveled the world for several years. As an eternal questioning, this entrepreneur who is full of ideas quickly creates his Ycone concept stores. He conceptualizes under this brand his unique pastry always concerned to respect the human values that

he stands for: simplicity and sharing. This art lover sublimates each creation according to his emotions to bring them
"the elegance and sensitivity it deserves".


All of pastries are available to order in advance.


Open every day from 2:00pm to 11:00pm 

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"My taste philosophy is close to my life. It could be defined in a word: "Simplicity"

I use three tastes to the maximum, for three textures to be understood by all pucks. In terms of production, my bet is to give way to the « Authentic" taste searching for the best raw materials, without cheating. I assemble them according to my emotions of the moment to give them the harmony and the sensitivity that they deserve but without denature them.

As for my team, every person who enters the lab must be able to redo my creations. To achieve this, it is a must to understand this spirit of simplicity and sharing, the technique comes only in the finish."